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Pink Zebra Glimmer Candles

Make your own scented candle to reflect your home's style Pink Zebra knows how you love to be creative, so we provide make-your-own-candle kits. Glimmer Candles are unique and alluring because the kit is so fast & easy to use with no mess. Perfect for kids who want to make their own candles to give as a gift!

You also could host a "Make your own Glimmer Candle" parties! This would make a perfect activity for moms to do with their children!

Glimmer Candles - How to Simple as 1-2-3 Pink Zebra - Make your own candles!

  1. Order the kit of 1 decorative glass container & 3 wicks (for multiple candles).
  2. Select which Sprinkles color(s) & fragrance(s) you want to decorate with. (It take 2 Sprinkles jars to fill a regular container, and 1 Sprinkles jar will fill 2 petite containers.)
  3. Place one wick in the center of the container.
Cleanly pour in your selected pre-made Sprinkles wax beads to create your beautiful Glimmer Candle.

The Sprinkles wax beads, made with Soft Soy, create small spaces where the flame twinkles through to create a glimmering sensation you will be proud of.

Glimmer Candles have been voted Favorite Party Demo Product!

Pink Zebra - Make your own glimmer candles! Pink Zebra - Make your own glimmer candles!
Pink Zebra - Make your own glimmer candles!

Pink Zebra D.Schad Independent Manager

Can't place an order right now??? Be a SMARTIE and book a Pink Zebra Party!!!!!
Contact me ASAP for more information!

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